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Thread: Knife at the top of your list...what is it?

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    Hmm, michael radar feather gyuto, seagull dammy scimitar, Burke san mai, Marko D handled gyuto using DT chevron dammy, rodrigue steak knife set, a dammy spoon.

    Would love all that... but only found money for around half those projects. Gotta leave some money to pay the rent. Sigh.

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    I'm a simple guy who absolutely loves the craftsmanship of Shigefusa knives. My Shigefusa gyuto is the closest thing to perfection that I own and would love more. Bling is cool but there's something so elegant and beautiful about Shegefusa Kasumi knives.
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    Suji for me , kono hd or suisin honyaki 300mm.

    Agree with Pete about the shig kasumi , my gyuto has an innate beauty that's hard to quantify.

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    I'm more interested in exploring different styles of knives. For lack of a better term, the carving style knives, a long flat edge with a rounded tip, that are being used by Japanese fish mongers in some videos. I wonder how well they would work with other proteins? A extra long suji, 360mm or so. After watching videos of Japanese butchers using a garasuki, I've been curious about that knife.


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    I want a custom made pearlitic Damascus chef knife, an homage to earlier days. Just because.


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