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Thread: Sous Chafe

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    Quote Originally Posted by BurkeCutlery View Post
    It had to be done. The most serious hurdle to coping with a life of professional cookery.

    Swamp Ass.

    I mean, check out this clip from Whites, 5 minutes in.

    It's a big deal.


    Let's solve this hurdle, for posterity!
    Thanks for introducing me to a new show, very enjoyable!
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    I am so glad I work in a state with low humidity. That sounds miserable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kalaeb View Post
    I am so glad I work in a state with low humidity. That sounds miserable.
    Agreed when I first started I had a minor issue with this, and then I change the type of pants I wore. When I wear jeans I rarely have this issue, could be climate could be anything but I haven't had this issue since I started wearing jeans to cook in.

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    Brazilians and cocoa butter work pretty well for me.
    "God sends meat and the devil sends cooks." - Thomas Deloney

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    Brazilians? Sweet! I've got a thing for Latinas. I've been itching for an excuse. Hope my wife buys into it.


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    Anyone else do that thing where you go into the walk in and grab your pants by the crotch and fan it, pulling cold air up through the cuffs? Cools the engine room like no other.

    Cornstarch? Shoot, Gold Bond is just cornstarch with cooling agents in it, and that stuff lasts me about 2, maybe 3 hours. Then it's all gone. The extra strength stuff doesn't last any longer, it just BUUUUURNS if you use it in the middle of the week.

    I might think about those high-dollar undies Rick's been pushing. I do use boxer/briefs though, which help with the chafing. It's just the heat that gets me. I sweat so much at work that I put holes in my socks after wearing them about 5 times.

    I wish I could afford those fancy seersucker coats Chef Colin wears.

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    I have always called this "slappychappy", just because it didn't matter what gender you are it affects you.

    I was working with a baker that went brazilian thinking that would help with this problem. He was a baker at his first job and a line cook under me as his second job. He at times had to stop what he was doing and hold some ice on his junk while he was fanning his pants. I told him about gold bond and he was happy for a week.

    Having worked in humid climate and now not so much humid one I laugh at all the cooks that don't wear chef pants on a very busy day. At first there is no problem with the sweat until the jeans get wet, then it just gets worse. After a few hours of working hard is when it gets painful. There is more breathing with chef pants so not as bad of a problem.

    I have never tried the stick you linked. I am thinking of gifting it to all the line cooks at work for the summer.

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    My other question is for the other tall guys?...At 6'5" I tend to look like michel jackson with my socks showing...anyone know of chef pants with an inseam longer than 34?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThEoRy View Post
    I could talk jackets too or even how to modify your jackets as well if you wish. Really this stuff is essential in the kitchen. When I mention this to people at work they're like $17 for one pair of underwear?" Yes. I've even paid up to almost $30 at times. It's THAT worth it. Haven't needed corn starch since!
    I am curious about these jacket modifications. I learned a while ago that paying $30 a pair for underwear is certainly worth it compared to the alternative.

    Quote Originally Posted by knyfeknerd View Post
    Doesn't it suck to have to leave the line to "powder" yourself? I came across this and it has changed my life(I know that sounds sad) and only one application a day in the A.M. when you're done with the triple S.

    Some on the inside of your thighs, naughty bits, other affected areas works like a champ. One of these lasts me about 3-4 months. Try it out!!!
    I agree, anti-friction paste is definitely life changing, also the mentholated variety can be nice when it is really hot. I learned this from cycling, which inflicted similar wounds to the "saddle region". I recommend any "sous chafe" try some.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThEoRy View Post
    I could talk jackets too or even how to modify your jackets as well if you wish.

    I am going to try out some of this gear, thanks for the tips.

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