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Thread: Post your pets!

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    Post your pets!

    I searched for threads on this same topic and nothing showed up so blame the search engine if this has been done before. Long story short I was bored this morning and decided to capture a few pictures of my chocolate lab, Zoey while she was basking in the sunlight. I am using a Canon T3i DSLR to capture these photos with very primitive photography skills. She's two years old and is an absolute beauty.

    Here's a picture that came out with her looking like a wierdo...

    Uploaded with

    Here's another photo that captures her normal look...

    Uploaded with

    Hope you enjoy.

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    Looks like the sister of a friend's choc lab who's name is Cloe I wish I could contribute, I would love to have a dog but it's just not reasonable or fair in my circumstances. I would probably look at labs or retrievers also.


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    6 years of pure laziness formed this almost perfectly spherical shaped creature.
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    Here are my two Rhodesian Ridgebacks,that's what the RR stands for in RRLOVER. And yes I am one of those over the top dog lovers,I always say I could have been a character in the movie Best in Show.

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    @Twistington, that cat looks hilarious, I love it! @RRLover, beautiful dogs, congrats.
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    Angus as a pup.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    All grown up.

    Name:  Angus%u00252520with%2520Sunflowers.jpg
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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Taz-kun. Irish Terrier. ASPCA rescue, therapy dog & world traveller. Best dog I've owned!
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    What you don't see in this photo is that this is an ottoman in front of a fireplace lit for her royal highness' enjoyment.

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    She really does get up and move around sometimes...really! I'm serious! She doesn't ALWAYS look like this...well, not at this locale, anyway. Sometimes she's under the blankets on the bed, or in the laundry hot out of the dryer, or on my pillow...

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    My girlfriend has a sperical creature, 20 years old, who has outlasted two marraiges...unconditional, etc.
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