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Thread: Is Shigefusa worth the price?

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    Is Shigefusa worth the price?

    Thinking about adding a 270mm Shigefusa yanagi to the stable of work knives and just wanting to get feedback to see if this knifemaker lives up to all the hype. Or do you think there are others out there in the same price range that are of better quality? Any information is gladly appreciated.

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    can't comment of other knives in the price range, but I love my shige and it cuts absolutely beautifully.

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    Also thinking about the Gesshin Hide in Blue #1 as an alternative...any comments on this knife as well?

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    I have a Shigi nakiri and a petty. Nakiri is Kitaeji probably wasn't worth the $ vs a non-dammy-clad version, but I can say the blade is very nice. The d-handle is decent enough, but not on the level of a custom maker or one of the rehandling guys on this forum. The petty is a kiro-uchi, and was definitely worth the $.

    I have not used one of their gyutos, bit the bulk of the info seems to be very positive. In that price range (~$500 for a non-dammy 240?), there are a lot of decent gyutos, yet the owners of the shigis generally indicate it is their best cutter or their favorite.

    As far a yanagis go, I have yet to hear anything remotely bad about a Shigi. It's more of a 'if you can afford it then buy it.'
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    Love my shige yanagi... I would spring for the 300mm if I was in your position though. I think out of the entire shige lineup the yanagi is really a step above. For the record I have two shige gyutos and a 300mm yanagi while the gyutos are great knives I reach for my ealy more often but my yanagi I wouldn't trade for the world. To be fair I haven't used any other yanagis so it might not be as special as I think, also I don't see why a yanagi would come in blue #1, aren't the blue steels used in applications where durability and corrosion resistance are favored over strictly the sharpest possible cutting edge like a white #1? Seems for a yanagi I'd wouldn't be worried about corrosion or durability.

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    i don't have a Shig yanagi, but my Shig gyuto is wonderful.

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    No experience with Shigefusa yanagibas either, but I use one of his kasumi usuba and I reckon they're worth it. Granted I've never used anything of the same level of workmanship, closest would be either Mizuno or Tadatsuna honkasumi, but there's really no comparison. Personally, if I had the coin to spend, I wouldn't hesitate to grab something else from Shigefusa; kasumi anyway, not particularly interested in damascus.

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    I have a Shigefusa kasumi gyuto and would buy another Shigefusa knife. Perhaps a single bevel kitaeji, if I wanted something fancy. Are they worth it? Well that is something that each purchaser has to evaluate. I bet if you called Jon at JKI, he would have something for you that cuts just as well and you wouldn't have to worry if you were getting a "thick" one or a "thin" one or anything like that. And it will certainly be less reactive than the Shige, haha. You would probably be perfectly happy with it and it would probably be a better value (and you would get it a lot sooner). But if you lust for a Shige, nothing else is really going to quench that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chef Niloc View Post
    Ditto! There's something about Shigefusa that is quite amazing. My 240mm Gyuto was obviously forged by hand but it's build quality is absolutely perfect, no flaws and every taper from the spine to the choil is a work of art. I have a Saya that was made with my Shige and the blade clicks into place perfectly within that saya and stays put without any sort of pin. The handle is incredible well put together or a D Handle, simple but elegant at the same time. I would like to add another one to my collection when the funds are available.

    I compare Shige's to BMW M cars, they are amazing performers but they don't have all the bell's and whistles of let's say a top of the line Lexus that parks itself. Shige's are focused on performance #1, and bling has a secondary option with the Kitaeji line.
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