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Thread: Is Shigefusa worth the price?

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    Quote Originally Posted by stereo.pete View Post
    I compare Shige's to BMW M cars, they are amazing performers but they don't have all the bell's and whistles of let's say a top of the line Lexus that parks itself. Shige's are focused on performance #1, and bling has a secondary option with the Kitaeji line.
    You mean over priced, over engineered, ghastly expensive when it comes to repair and maintenance, and often purchased as a status icon?

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    Who is this Shigefusa guy

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    Nah, don't get onto the queue.

    Then when I need to get another one it would be a bit quicker..

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    Quote Originally Posted by gentlecook View Post
    thinner at spine or more norrow at the heel ?
    thinner spine.

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    I don't see why people still mention Shigs reactivity. Yes it is very reactive but that is a god thing because it builds patina very quickly and once it has built patina it doesn't react to anything. So for me it is not an issue but rather good feature because it builds patina literally for hours and than you have a hell of a beautiful and laser sharp weapon. The quality is over the top. Worth each euro.

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    Glad you like your beast

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peco View Post
    Glad you like your beast
    No I don't like it, I love it planning to buy another one probably a Kasumi or kuro uchi to try them as well

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    Quote Originally Posted by add View Post
    You mean over priced, over engineered, ghastly expensive when it comes to repair and maintenance, and often purchased as a status icon?

    Dont know what u mean. I am on my 3rd BWM, barely had any issues ever. All held their value, drive well, were reasonable to fix and maintain. Worth every penny to me and I am not rich.

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    Saw your youtube video - looks like an awesome sword you got there

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    Shigefusa is not an optimal knife for professional kitchen or for sloppy home cooks, as it requires maintenance even if you build up a patina (I am referring here to Western style knives in kasumi or kitaeji )

    Edge retention is better than White steel, but not as good as AEB-L, 52100, A2, etc.

    It is however, one brand that is consistently well finished (I have seen many Shigs) and almost without flaws (very minor if any). Unlike most Japanese makers, Shigefusa pays close attention to details and finish on their knives and their heat treatment is very good - sharpening is very easy.

    Whether it is worth the money, it's up to what you are looking in a knife.

    If you are looking to get a knife from a very reputable Japanese maker, made in traditional way (forged, heat treated by eye, hand finished, engraved kanji), it might be worth it.

    If you are looking for a performance knife that requires minimum maintenance and has a superb edge retention, there are better alternatives for the money.


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