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Thread: Is Shigefusa worth the price?

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    Quote Originally Posted by vai777 View Post
    It's significant in performance, edge holding and geometry, even out of the box they are pretty much good to go. The taper is always perect on both single and double bevel knives and the finish is superior to any other kasumi line made..
    Interesting. I've used a few Shigs (double bevel only) and I find their performance is nice but not amazing. Edge holding is okay. I wouldn't say it blows other carbon steels out of the water or anything. I will agree that the finish is very nice.

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    My shig gets the workhorse treatment at work. Of course, I'm a caterer, not doing line work.

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    I don't own any Shige gyutos, but I do have their yanagiba and yes, it's worth the price. Mostly it's because they're so unique; absolutely nothing handles like the shigefusa. It's thinner and lighter than other brands and the profile is pretty unique as well. It really feels like an extention of your hand, and I don't have that "fits like a glove" feeling with any other knife I own. It's a really special knife that really can't be compared to any other brand (Aritsugu, Konosuke, Masamoto, etc.). I'd recommend a 300mm one to compensate for its lightness.

    And I just have the kasumi version. The kiteji wouldn't be worth the price for me because no knife is worth $700. Of course this is just personal bias and the fact that there are just too many other things I could do with $700 (like buy more knives ) than to spend it all on one knife.

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