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Thread: Shop News

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    Shop News

    Well, I have been a little absent lately from the forum. Some things have demanded my attention elsewhere.

    As stated in another thread, I let my part-timer go for several reasons and three weeks after he has been gone, I'm still finding things he fouled up. Good riddance. Even after being gone for this amount of time, he is still costing me time and money.

    I hired a young fellow for the part-time position. No experience, can't read a tape measure, has never seen the inside of a woodworking shop but his attitude is what made me give him the job, along with the recommendation from someone else. And after his first week, he is doing well. Of course, just about the time he will be trained well and will be able to work without constant supervision and training, he will probably return to school full-time and I will have to find another.

    Some major equipment problems have all but shut the shop down. I upgraded to a 12" parallelogram jointer from an 8". I have a job coming up in the near future that will need the extra capacity, but not require it, so I sold my old jointer and purchased the new one. The new one was a LEMON! It took two weeks to convince the manufacturer I had a problem and another three weeks to finally get a new one in its place. The replacement arrives Monday and I will be back in business.

    I finally went to a Dr for my back problems after they became to large to ignore or live with anymore. I had a MRI which showed stenosis, arthritis and bone spurs. This past Monday I had cortisone injections in the spine which has eased about 90% of the pain I had been feeling. I am hoping the shots will ease the pain for several months before I have to go back for more. We'll see.

    Okay, enough of my ramblings and complaining. Back to work filling the backlog or orders and getting the shop back to filled with dust, shavings, chips and boards.

    BTW For any who are waiting on orders to be filled, I apologize for the delay and will be shipping boards out again starting on Monday.

    David - Formerly The BoardSMITH
    Now just retired and looking for work

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    David, sorry to hear about your troubles. Hopefully you'll be back up and running next week, and the cortisone will help for a long time. I'm looking forward to seeing lots of pics over the next few months of the table tops and lots of cutting boards.

    David (WildBoar's Kitchen)

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    Speaking as one who has a board on order with you, there's no need to apologize. Remember, stress can cause or exacerbate back pain, so I can wait!

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    Spinal problems are no joke. If you ever need a second opinion before a surgery i can get you one from my best friend. I went to high school and two universities with him. He is in charge of the orthopedic spinal surgery at Loma Linda Medical Center.
    Good luck and hope you feel better.

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    Sorry to hear that life has been more challenging than usual for you lately David, but glad to hear that things are looking up and that you are seeing a doctor about that back of yours.

    Hope to see some good news here soon.


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    Sorry to hear about the equipment headaches and your back problems flaring up Dave - I'm sure things will settle down and you'll get back into a productive groove soon! Hope you feel better...

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