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Thread: Chopping and slicing potatoes - Yoshikane 240 Kiritsuke Black Damascus SLD

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    Chopping and slicing potatoes - Yoshikane 240 Kiritsuke Black Damascus SLD

    Been stupid enough to put this up for sale a couple of times Glad it's still around Awesome grind, no real stickyness, cuts like a dream ... what more can you ask for?

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    You are putting kiritsuke up the list for knives I want to buy. Thanks for the video.

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    Thanks for making video Peco
    I am very happy that you like it !!!

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    It was fun ...

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    Great looking knife Peco. Glad it's a performer too.

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    thanks for video =)
    knife looks thin

    what is this board , its soft plastic ?

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    So much for the "that type of grind can't cut well" idea, right? I know there was a thread that thick-spined knives don't cut well, but that hasn't been my experience at all. The MONSTER-spined Gesshin Hide gyuto I tried was going through almost everything with almost no effort. It really blew my mind how well it cut even sweet potatoes. My Heiji is another example of a thick-spined knife that seems to do ok.

    I can only think of wanting a super laser (even less than 2mm at the spine) for the densest and largest sweet potatoes, beets, and parsnips.

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    I love the video and the knife but that music is just down right annoying lol.
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