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Thread: Soy sauce - Help, which one?

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    We usually use one of the San-J offerings. Now we are trying the Lee Kum Kee, a Marumata Owarino Tamari and Yanai Kanro Shoyu.
    Corti Bros in Sacramento has the last two. Their newsletters have some information also.
    And Cook's Illustrated had a tasting in 1997.

    It is fun experimenting. hmmm, may have to make some inari sushi this weekend.

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    Higeta Honzen is my favorite so far. So many more hi-quality yet to try. The Tamari Organic style seems to put out the most refined taste to me.

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    Oh no... I can see it now! I already get crap about having 4 types of flour, 5 kinds of salt, 7 ways to brew coffee... now I need 2-3 types of soy sauce! I just checked my bottle, because I wasn't sure. I went to the local Asian Mega-store (Uwajimaya in Seattle) and asked someone about Soy Sauce. They recommended something in a large plastic bottle.. haha.. it looks like I've been using light soy sauce made by Kikkoman, but it has no english on the original label, just a sticker the store put on it. I think the flavor is good, although I don't make a lot of dipping sauces, mainly for chinese style cooking. I second Stefan's idea of having a tasting!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BurkeCutlery View Post
    I've tried many brands, and like Kikkoman the best. Full sodium, though.

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