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Thread: JNS WiKi

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    JNS WiKi

    I am working on new JNS Wiki, where all new and old information about Japanese Natural will be stored.
    I am planing to add more videos and guides there and a lot more pictures of different stones.
    So it is work in progress

    Please let me know if you have some wishes to add in new WiKi section

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    maxim, If there is a fairly reliable way to judge hardness of a stone, it would be a welcome addition.

    nice work!

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    Thanks for all your work and for sharing your knowledge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Micioarch View Post
    Thanks for all your work and for sharing your knowledge.

    Very interesting subject.

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    Looks like a nice place I am sure I will spend some time looking at. Thanks.

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    Maksim, this is brilliant. You are doing the world a favor!

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