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Thread: Which Yanagiba

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    OK I've narrowed it down to the following Yanagiba due to not being able to handle any of these knives I appreciate any views from people who own or have had experience with them;

    Kochi 270mm - at JKI Helpful retailer who obviously chooses well.

    Watanabe 270mm Professional in White steel, purchaed Deba in same steel - great service lovely product from a maker who from reading reviews makes very fine single beveled knives.

    Heiji 300mm Professional Swedish stainless - lovely looking knife from a top maker so from my niave perspective I can't foresee any "problems"

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    If you've got the space, I'd say get a 300 rather than a 270. 30mm doesn't sound like much, but it makes a big difference.


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    Your list sounds rock solid but remember, whatever you end up deciding on must be documented on this forum with pictures.
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    I may well go the 300mm route, being a home cook I'm not too confident with longer knives but can see the benefits of going longer in this knife and I think the longer yanagi look so beautiful. I'll ensure I post a picture when I purchase.

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