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    Quote Originally Posted by stereo.pete View Post
    That is truly a work of art, we need details as I do not recognize the kanji.
    It looks like the steel is Blue #2.
    "Don't you know who he is?"

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    overally blade is really straight. The polishing job amazing and the thickness and weight and size of handle are very good.

    Not as straight as though

    Minor flaws on the back side, but blade finished very nicely.

    I lost the pin, will do another myself.

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    There will be no problem. After Easter will be getting whole tuna.

    Its not my style to get things I dont use regularly and intensively.

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    That is one fish worthy blade!

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    I love breaking down tuna!!! I go offshore tuna fishing in the summer/fall and I am the guy that gets to cut up all of the tuna. I got a new Deba and we caught 7 YFT that day and a few Mahi! I was in my glory using that Deba!!!

    That blade is just awesome!! I really like the contrast of the mirror to the bevel. Very clean!

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    Dang, I wish I had the skill to use a knife like that! Happy slicing!

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    Pretty spectacular.

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    As keanu reeves once said, whoa.

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