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Thread: Sharpening a Misono Sujihiki

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    Sharpening a Misono Sujihiki

    Hi all,

    I tried to post this yesterday, but must have screwed something up. Sorry if my question ends up getting posted twice...

    I need to sharpen my wife's Misono Sujihiki knife. It doesn't appear to have a bevel on the back, so I think it is a single bevel? I searched around a bit and found a video and some descriptions of uraoshi. I took a few swipes on the 8000 stone and it appears the back is convex - the middle is getting polished, but the edge and spine are untouched. So I am wondering how to proceed. I'm afraid if I try to flatten the entire back, I'll remove too much material. Should I just put a back bevel on it? Do these knives generally have convex backs?


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    Put a bevel on the back, it's designed to be a single bevel knife.

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    I have not seen one in person but I would be shocked if it was a single bevel. Sounds like the left side just has a tiny bevel from deburring. To sharpen, grind the right side until you get a burr and then deburr on the left. If you start to get steering, put a few extra strokes on the left side until you are comfortable with the performance.

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    Uraoshi is for true single bevel knives- Yanagiba, deba, usuba, etc.

    Gyuto, sujihiki, petty, santoku, etc. will always be double bevel knives. You can sharpen asymmetrically, but dont do uraoshi on those knives.

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    What is different with Misonos is that they convex the edge of the back blade as well, and go far in doing so. I once found a 10 / 14 degree edge to be brought to 17 / 17. You don't have to follow that idea. Begin by removing the shoulder on the face side, work to the very edge and deburr the other side.

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    It's an asymmetric edge that has been worn down. it used to have a tiny little bevel back there.

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    Sujihiki is a double bevel knife. Sharpen it as such.
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    Yup, what these guys said. Sometimes those back bevels are almost non-existent.
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    OK. Thanks everyone. Glad I asked. And glad I don't have to spend the next few hours grinding away at the back :-).


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