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Thread: Best Gyuto, $300-$400(ish)???

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    Best Gyuto, $300-$400(ish)???

    I just got a nice new sous chef job, so to celebrate I think I'll treat myself to a fancy new knife!

    I'm looking for a step up from my currently selection (kono white and Moritaka KS), and have 300-400(ish) to spend. Now, there are a lot of knifes out there in that range so I'm starting to go a little crazy trying to narrow it down to one...watanabe pro, masamoto ks, suisin inox, Tadatsuna, mizuno, kochi, etc. etc..

    So, to those of you who have/used any, can you provide some input? Right now, im leaning pretty heavy on the watanabe, but im also pretty curious about the kochi...

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    Is there anything in particular you want in terms of blade specs? There are lots of knives in that price range.

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    Suisin honyaki inox, Martell. That's what id get in that price range.

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    I'd get Jon at JKI to order you a Gengetsu 240mm gyuto...they're currently out of stock.

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    Let us know a bit about what you like in a knife first - for example, do you want to stick with the thin blades like the Kono and Moritaka, or do you want something a little more substantial? Wa-handle only, or can you go western or wa?

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    Martell or Catcheside.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jmfreeman35 View Post
    I just got a nice new sous chef job, so to celebrate I think I'll treat myself to a fancy new knife!
    There is a very nice Asai in the for sales right now that the owner has dropped in price quite a bit...

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    I'd grab a Suisin Inox Honyaki if it were me.

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    Suisin Inox Honyaki 270. I have a KS which is also nice but the Suisin still gets my vote. Stainless, Sharp, f&f, durable. It's a well rounded knife which makes it my work standard.

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    I'd go with a Ikkanshi Tadatsuna for a laser,or a Mizuno Tanrenjo for something a little more beefy.

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