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Thread: Best Gyuto, $300-$400(ish)???

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    I also have the Kochi and a Kono white. The Kochi cuts really well, It's insanely thin at the edge, better edge retention, easy to sharpen and despite how thin it is I haven't had any micro chipping...and we have crummy hard plastic boards at work. At $280 I think this knife is a hell of a deal.

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    Devin Thomas ITK AEB-L favorite workhorse right now!

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    Generally speaking, I prefer thinner, lighter blades over beefier ones. But I also know that spine thickness isn't te only factor in cutting ability. So if there is a knife with a little more heft to it that still out performs the thinner guysthen I'm all for it. I will say, that I guy I work with has a yoshi that I've played around with a couple of times, and I don't like it at all.

    I haven't tried too many knives so I'm fairly open to trying thicker ones if they perform well

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    Thickness at the spine isn't a huge deal. I currently am using a Carter that is an absolute monster (gotta be 9+ sun) and it's about 3mm at the spine (guessing). The funny thing is, it almost falls through carrots, and even ripe tomatoes. With a light stropping on some, you guessed it, newsprint, it killed the roma tomato ā la Salty test. It gets SHARP and is thin where it counts. In this case, the heft helps an already impressive cutter cut.
    However, don't count out my boy Pierre's new line that will be coming out in the future. It has a Carter thing going for it, but the overall feel will no doubt be up there with the ITK. The profile is one that will lend itself to push cutting and rocking, with a nice useable tip. I'm not a fanboy, I just know this is going to be one heck of a knife. As Eamon once put it, he's "the Rafiki of grinder monkeys". Hahaha
    I will say, if you can squeeze a few extra bucks out, the ITK is great as well (in my limited experience with it). Nice fit and finish an you can't argue with its reputation.
    However, I personally would have jumped on Vertigo's Misono Dragon, but it's too late for that.

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    You say you want a 'step up' where do you feel your current knives are lacking?

    Reason I say this is because the Suisin IH and Tadatsuna are very close to your Konosuke except they are not much variation in feel and cutting ability.

    I've also heard some people, such as NoChop!, say that the Moritaka KS is one of the best performing knives they have the knives you listed might not be considered a 'step up' for everyone. Also, I have a 210 Suisin IH petty, but if it was a 270 gyuto, I think I'd prefer my Kono white#2 over it anyways--just my preference.

    Now you see that everyone will give you different recommendations based off of what THEY would choose, but you need to drill down and make your own decision. All we can do is add input based on your specifications.

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    Gratz on the new job. Hope it is what you want from it.

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    thickness at the spine has very little to do with cutting performance, unless you routinely cut hard and tall foods.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cookin808 View Post
    Devin Thomas ITK AEB-L favorite workhorse right now!
    While I agree that it is a fantastic blade (I enjoy mine), it's currently priced at $480 which is slightly out of the original price range.

    Such a great edge on that knife though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by obtuse View Post
    Suisin honyaki inox, Martell. That's what id get in that price range.
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    I've been thinking about a Kochi for awhile now.

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