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Thread: Best Gyuto, $300-$400(ish)???

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    I am willing to stretch my budget if there is a knife that is worth the price and will give me that "holly poop" moment when I cut with it, as I have been eying a heiji which is in the $500 range.

    But if one of the fore mentioned knives will do the trick for less, then id rather get one of those.

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    Best? I don't know, but my 300mm Ashi from Jki is in that range and it's a damn good knife.


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    If your gonna drop 500 go custom an get all that you want in my opinion.

    Heiji would possibly compliment your kono as its a heftier knife.

    If I were you I wouldn't get another laser, and I'd get a different style profile.

    Possibly the masamotot KS, or the mortitaka if you prefer AS.

    If not that I'd say kochi or mizuno.

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    just get a Heiji.

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    Oh I love my Heijis and every other Heiji I've handled that hasn't belonged to me.

    Maybe check out Rottman as well. I'm playing with one from the passaround and it's a sweet knife. I think you could definitely get a custom from him in that price range and you can check the reviews section here to see what TK59 has had to say about his. The nice thing about the custom would be that you could get what you want in a knife.

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    What knife are you currently using? and congrats on the sous position.

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    It depends on what you value in a knife. I used a Gengetsu for a month or so. It is the finest all around cutting machine I have ever used, bar none at any price range. I don't really understand what makes it so nice to cut with but I will stop at nothing to add one of these to my collection. I like it so much I'm afraid to post on it because I'll have more competition trying to acquire one. The drawback might be that it isn't fancy, I'm not a huge fan of the handle but it works, it's stainless clad and the steel is white 2 which is okay or awesome, again depending on what you value. The Kochi is an awesome cutter as well and so is a Rottman custom.

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    I have been eyeing the Gengetsu knives. Thanks for the feed back. Is it as thin behind the edge as the Kochi? Looks like it has more of a tip than the Kochis. Did you use a 240 or a 270? Where is the balance point?

    Sorry for all the questions. I am also really interested in a Masamoto KS but would possibly hold off for a Gengetsu but it sound like it might be at least a couple months.

    Most of the knives in this price range that I am interested in are not in stock! Patience is not a strong suit for me.


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    I would get a gengetsu if you dont mind waiting for them to come back in stock. TK borrowed my knife and I have to say his comments are spot on. It is a special knife. It is thin behind the edge, not as much as the kochi (which is also and amazing knife, super thin behind the edge.) I use it in a pro kitchen and it holds up on poly boards very well, with just some light touch ups. The fit and finish are great, saya fits perfect (no pin), great profile, good taper, excellent grind. I own or have owned the majority of the knives talked about and they are all great knives but the gengetsu just makes me smile everytime I pick it up. I also think Heiji, Kochi, rottman, Mario are all great knives (including every knife mentioned so far.) I do think the suisin is very similar to the konosuke so I would go for something a little different.


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    I meant to say it in my first post here. Congrats on the sweet new job!

    Take a look around at:

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