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Thread: Best Gyuto, $300-$400(ish)???

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    Quote Originally Posted by oivind_dahle View Post
    Oh I know you might know why I said it to:

    First off:
    I like a good handle. What I have experienced on a lot of japanese knives and mass-produced is that the handles don't feel good. Markos meiji is impressive and at par or better than his octagons. Other knives just don't put that much effort into the handle. And for me a great grip is extremely important when it comes to a kitchen knife.

    The steel. 52100 is an animal, takes a great edge and holds it forever. Marko got really good HT, and I know he learned a lot from DT.

    His profile and geometry is very impressive. I know Marko is working on a new grind, but I think he struck gold with this one.

    Marko is a perfectionist. Its a mental illness that makes him strive to deliver the best of the best

    He got a full money back guarantee.

    Its a full custom for a price of a mass-produced. Killer deal
    Have you received yours yet? Or did you get to try one out already on the pass around? I'm pretty excited for my name to come up on the list but have not had a chance to use one and compare to my other knives.


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    I have been talking with Marko about a 52100 and have decided to go that route, and was already to work out all the specs and whatnot, when new job disaster stuck...things werent what they promised so I walked out.

    So, until I land a new job (which should be within the next week or so) a new knife is on hold. And that makes me

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    Major bummer. Best of luck with the next step!
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    Sorry to hear things didn't work out for you - best of luck w/ whatever comes next!

    I was thinking baout this thread and was just gonna suggest the Blazen...

    Anyway, FYI, IMO, the Blazen is an AWESOME knife. I certainly don't have the expereince that a lot of folks around here have with different makers, and this was one of my first J-knife purchases (after much deliberation), but every time I take that knife out, I'm reall, really impressed with it, over and over again. It's got nearly every aspect that we knife nuts (generalizing here) are currently looking for: great distal taper, great convex grind, not too thick at the spine - about 3mm +/-, nicely rounded spine and choil, flat from the heel forward about 1/3 of the blade length, superb fit and finish. It's SG-2 core steel @ about 62 clad w/ stainless. Takes a nice edge and has good rentention, but a bit more difficult to get scary sharp compared to white #2. I've not had any chipping problems at all. It's just gorgeous for a non-custom knife - I'd love to see one pimped out by one of the members here!

    Not sure why, but the Blazen doesn't get much press, and I think it deserves more. I can see if someone doesn't like PM steels (I do), or perhaps the western handle (I now prefer wa over yo), or maybe the profile isn't to one's liking, but otherwise, it got it a lot going for it. It's a beautiful workhorse. When it came time for me to sell off a knife to generate some funds for a new one, the Hattori FH went on the chopping block before the Blazen, not a second thought. This is one I plan on hanging on to.
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    Yeah. The Blazen is a very nice knife. I think it doesn't get pub because it's either considered passe, it's clad and an Akifusa is arguably as good but cheaper. Personally, I think the Blazen is a nicer knife.

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    I have a couple of knives in the EE Ryusen Epicurean line--basically Blazen in a party dress. I was just thinking this morning that if they have another big sale I might add the gyuto. If they ever have another sale like they did on Black Friday, it would be in the specified price range. Holds a great edge and is pretty darn easy to sharpen, which surprised the heck out of me. Choil and spine are nicely rounded, really comfortable knife. I wouldn't want to pay full price for it, but it's a really nice series of knives.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chuck239 View Post
    Have you received yours yet? Or did you get to try one out already on the pass around? I'm pretty excited for my name to come up on the list but have not had a chance to use one and compare to my other knives.

    But more important, I gifted it away to a person I value really high. He fell in love with this and I had to give it to him.
    I know he is working on a review of it now

    If you go for Marko knife, make sure to order a strop as well and a diamond plate

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