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Thread: Carbon Sabatier

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    Carbon Sabatier

    Hey guys, quick question, i'm wanting to buy a carbon sabatier however i'm trying to choose which is best, the two i've found are:
    Mexeur Sabatier here
    K Sabatier
    They end up being around the same price so i was wondering if there's a definitive answer to which is better. Thanks.

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    I have this one from Bernal Cutlery in San Francisco. Sweet knife.

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    The thier-issard especially the nogent ones look nice and seemed to be reviewd the best, however i can't find any nogent ones in the uk and the thier-issard ones are nearly double the price here.

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    Somewhere I read the K-Sabs were slightly better than the Mexeur. Might have been BDL on Also possible I don't remember correctly. But when I was looking for my own Sabatier I narrowed it down to TI 4-star Elephant and K-Sab for some reason. I ruled out Mexeur but don't remember why.


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    The Thiers-Issard knives do tend to be a big more expensive on line in the US.

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    try best of things
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    Just missed out on one here!

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    Problem with "the best things" is that it's a us site, i'd get hit by shipping and customs charging :/

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    I you're looking for a historically interesting knife, go for the pre-WWII Nogent. The're good performers as well. Modern French carbons are made of different materials in a different construction. Not very interesting, neither historically nor performancewise I'm afraid.

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    Maybe BDL will jump in here, as he seems to be the resident Sabatier expert.

    I ordered a Nogent from "The Best Things," but understand this could be cost prohibitive for you being outside the States.

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