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Thread: Leave 'em out or put 'em away when not in use

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    Leave 'em out or put 'em away when not in use

    Just curious if you guys put away your board after use (i.e. cabinet/drawer) or if it owns a permanent location on your counter top.

    Let's hear it folks - what do you do?

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    Mine stays out on the counter top 24/7.

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    Mine stays out all the time! Now that I have one worth looking at!!

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    Mine, shown at left, stays out on counter but leans on wall when not in use.

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    Getting mine Monday and it has a permanent spot waiting for it, and will be out 24/7 in fact wouldn't fit anywhere else.

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    out. I have no space in cub bard, and very little counter space. So it just becomes a part of the counter.

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    I leave my boards out, but on their sides and leaning against the wall. I don't have the counter space to leave them out flat

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    I have, and always will, leave my board out. Especially since I've got a new one coming in the mail!

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    Mine stays on the table as well..


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