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Thread: Something very special !

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    whoa, nice! The finish on those is magical.

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    Are these available? Didn't see listings for them on the website.

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    that is some nice knives

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    The finish is magical. I just got the baby yanagi so after an hour with the knife I can at least say that the finish is as though the abrasives went two steps finer than what you would see on a shig. I only have shig gyutos to compare and make this statement, but it is clear what Maksim is talking about. The knife has a beautiful smooth satin finish. Any one else who received one of these have comments?
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    Thanks Seth, glad that you liked it
    If someone have good ideas what to order next from Yoshihide san post it her, i will try to get more of them in !

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    180-210 petty, 195-210 deba, 255-270 gyuto, 270-300 suji or yanagi. Those are all knives that I'd purchase if I had the money and I bet the same is true for a lot of other guys here.

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    That deba looks neat, sadly i don't eat enough fish to motivate one more deba.

    I have a great idea on what you should get from Yoshihide, 240-255mm gyuto(s)... I know atleast one idiot in the north of Sweden who is tempted to pull the trigger on one of those.
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    what the last two guys said basically, 180-210 petty, 255-270 gyuto, 300 yanagi.

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