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Thread: Sakai Yusuke 210 Wa-Gyuto Review

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    Phosphates into brining? Nope. To be honest I've never brined my meats before hand. Plan to though for sure. Maybe try Williams-Somoma brine first. Then find brine recipes.

    Never thought of adding "enhancers". Actually I've never even heard of "enhancers" till you mentioned it. You should write a book on "Enhancing Cooking at Home".

    As for buying their marinades...probably not. Might try them once. I've rarely found some one else's mix to my liking. Have come across some good BBQ rubs though by Dizzy Pig. And a Louisana hot sauce I sampled at a "Hot & Spicy Festival". Shame i no longer have the name. Was hot and had a tang to it. Why I loved it. This was back in 2006.

    Perhaps we should continue the food talk PM. This is a knife forum.

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    Kidd your blowing it! LOL Just remember all fresh foods are dehydrated, unless you killed the animal or pulled the vegetable from the ground.

    Vegetable brine: 1 TBLS pickling salt, two liters of water (I use only purified water).
    Meat: We'll that goes through the MExpress. Like I said, can run it with or without marinade flavor. I's easy to understand but hard to explain.

    See vegetables lose their water to simple evaporation but with meat its different. When an animal's flesh is cut, the cells leak myoglobin. (Thats the juice that those little sponges absorb at the bottom of meats). By adding a brine with phosphates, you cna actually increase the moisture in the meat.

    I know it sounds like your creating a Frankenstein in the kitchen but remember, cooking is all about chemistry. These FAB enhancers are just amazing in sausage or any form of BBQ. Brings out a tangy, flavorful (wipe my drooling mouth) brightness the he sausage.

    My curing chamber:

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    LOL!! And that would be for tonight's din?

    Thanks for the link for the "enhancers". Will try this setup (w/ tumbler) one day.


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