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Thread: WIP.... custom carbon Sabatier

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    This is really interesting. As a user who doesn't know much about the heat treat and tempering processes, how do you know how to approach this with a blade forged by someone else? It might be common knowledge (not to me) about the steel used in Sabs, but this seems like it could be difficult. Is this a trial and error process, or are you pretty confident about how to approach this? Or is the heat treat process generic enough that you can apply some general principles regardless of the steel composition and feel confident about the outcome?

    Whatever your answers are, this seems like a really cool project. Curious to see the outcome.

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    most carbon steels fall into a pretty small window temp wise. Just to make sure I heat treated and tested one by measuring the hardness, and breaking it to look at the grain size. Good hardenability and very fine grain, lookin' good so far.


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    Thanks for the response. As an outsider, the information is great to hear. To me this sounded like a puzzle.

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    Way to dark horse this one, Mr. Thomas. Gonna be so badass.

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    Devin gets all fun projects on this forum.

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    Wow, I'd like to have one of those slicers.

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    will these be for sale?

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    Quote Originally Posted by obtuse View Post
    will these be for sale?
    I am willing to do a limited number of these, PM for details.


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    a few shots of the heat treating.

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    Nice Hoss, It is funny but I was thinking of try my hand at a sab or two. looks like you beat me to the punch. I may still giv it a try though nice wip btw.

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