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These blanks are drop forged and then trimmed. They need to be annealed, rough ground and heat treated. Then the final grind, finish and handles put on. Austenitize at 1500f and temper at 375f for 1 hour two times. These will benefit from a sub zero quench, right after the oil quench, but I did have some trouble with warping. Hardness should be ~61hrc. The steel seems to be 1075 or similar.

The tangs are not straight and do not have a uniform taper. The blade also has a forged distal taper which makes a little more difficult to mark the center line. To mark the center line, I use a carbide tipped caliper.

Good luck, these are a lot of work and a lot of fun.

i've got 5 of these and plan to do the same process
thanks for the HT guidance here
although I don't have a sub zero quench