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Thread: patina development with various foods

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    The warmer the surface the faster the reaction, basic chemistry. Freshly cooked chicken makes blue much faster than raw chicken or cold cooked.
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    If I cut about 50 lbs of sweet potatoes at one time, it turns my shig purple.

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    Since it hasn't been mentioned: ham= blue/yellow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 99Limited View Post
    It seems that acidic items turn carbon knives shades of black and proteins turn them blue. What I'm wondering as far as proteins go, does fish have the same effect as beef and what effect does raw versus cooked make. Would you get the same colorization from cutting proteins that were hot from being cooked as you would from cutting proteins that were cooked, but had been thoroughly chilled to refrigeration temperature? Or does it have more to do with the fact that the knife has gotten warmed up from cutting hot proteins?
    I have been using my Masamoto shiro ko hongasumi yanagiba to cut sashimi perhaps once a week for a year with no hint of patina. Mostly tuna, but a few other species.
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    I get a pretty strong blue/purple patina when cutting green onions and cucumbers on my usuba. That is my favourite patina.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BurkeCutlery View Post
    If I cut about 50 lbs of sweet potatoes at one time, it turns my shig purple.
    Mangos seem to get things purple, too.

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    I enjoy the color that pineapple gives my suji--kind of light blue:>)
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    My Kono fuji was very reactive at first (esp. onions) and now sports alot of ochres and yellows mixed with grey. Now it's stable and I've grown to love the subtle colorings.

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    Very nice. I've always thought that the Kono fuji is one sexy knife. Add a little patina and a custom handle and whoa....

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    I haven't used nearly as many high-end J-knives as many on this forum, but it stands as my favorite by's just a "goldilocks" workhorse for me. I don't see myself looking for anything else (at least for a couple years) gyuto-wise.

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