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Thread: Monzaburo Honyaki

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    Quote Originally Posted by euphorbioid View Post
    ...Apparently the business end of Monzaburo is in Tokyo and they deal with makers in Sakai. I think they are a large company and seem to have the same kind of administrative problems as many American companies: the front office doesn't understand the product. There are too many alternatives out there to put up with this kind of nonsense...
    That sounds all too familiar. Sounds like the moral of the story is buy Japanese knives from folks that know their stuff and work directly with knifemakers.

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    Pretty much what has been said, other than I did sell the knife. Not a bad knife, just not what I was expecting. Personally I think honyaki gyuto's are a waste of time. I've owned two, the other was very high end, and decided to sell them both. To each his own.

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