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Thread: Pics of last weeks produce

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    Pics of last weeks produce

    So I wanted a cleaver to check things out.
    Whats better way then buy destroyed blade and show it a little TLC?

    When it came I thought grinding would be tough but... it is san mai... all non stainless.
    I paid 40 bucks postage included, and round another 10 for handle wood.

    I dont know how many hours I spent, Mind that I only have hand tools and two clamps

    I also made few sheaths.
    I got the wood for next to nothing, but quite nice oak.
    The rest is just hands and sanding paper. I agree that those arent the best finished ones, but I found out that in a pro environment woods life aint easy
    So its no point for me to really spend extra time on them, its good enough for me.

    I really like the shape of this one, its so long and rounded

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    This however was the funniest to work with

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    PS: All those pins keeping blade inside are made by hand, just me sitting with little knife and carving them out of wood. All are different.

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    You have some skills, I'm loving that cleaver, where did you get it from?
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    that is realy nice work impressed, i wish i had the patience and skill to do things like that

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    Great work!

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    Nice work. What did you carve the cavities with? I've done it with a knife but it takes a loooong time even for a little knife.

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    Big fun! A nice batch of work!
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    ?produce! I thought it was a thread about veggies

    Very nice woodwork, thanks for posting.
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