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Thread: faverot tater peelers

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    Quote Originally Posted by l r harner View Post
    ok but what abot the other stylkew peeler (the one im used to )
    you use it liek a paring knife
    I was looking up peeler recommendations a while back and there was much love for the OXO goodgrips.

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    Kuhn Rikon...

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    I have an oxo; very comfortable and very easy to use.

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    ok snd what ones can i replace the cutter with better steel or at least get a good sharp edge on

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    Not sure you'd need to. For peelers I went ceramic and never looked back.


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    +1 Kuhn Rikon. I tried a ceramic and broke the blade 2 minutes into carrots. I was being a bit forceful though I suppose. I also love the Rosenhaus Swisspro.

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    I have an old henkels peeler that I like alot for peeling--but the pointy bit on the end isn't very good for digging out eyes and nasty bits. I don't think they even make my particular model any more.

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    i jsut use a parer to get the syes out so im not sure i need one that has an eye remover thingy

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    Hmmm...i gotta try that kuhn rikon, because I hate y-shaped peelers. I like the paring knife style ones.

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    Another vote for the Kuhn...Simply the best one out there

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