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Thread: faverot tater peelers

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    Any reason to go with the Rosle swivel peeler over the regular Rosle peeler?

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    I have a 6 year old Roesle peeler. Not the Y kind, but the "blade on stick swivel kind". For my taste it peels much too thick. (I understand there is a fine version). Main issue for me is that it sits very poorly in my hand. Don't like it. I no longer seem to able to find the model I have, so chances are the new ones are better.

    My favorite is the Swisspro. Cheap and lasts. Have never tried the Kuhn Rikon.

    Also, I loved my kyocera ceramic peeler, but it snapped after 6 months.

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    great stuff guys
    thak you and please keep running with it

    whats this about thick vs thin cut

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    Thick cut is it takes a ton of flesh with the skin. Thats why the Khun Rukon are the best for me.

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    I can peel carrots faster with my Nenohi petty but only carrots. I love Rösle stuff but everything I hve seen is made in China. I remember being in Germany and walking into a store that we nothing but Rösle. With the brightlights it almost hurt to look around with all of that shiny polished stainless steel gleaming. Seemed like none of that stuff was made in China. Is the European product line different?


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