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Thread: Metro DC Food & Cooking Show

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    i just got o see what day i ll be there
    or maybe both days

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    Looks like a great show. wish I could be there!

    I hope the weekend is a HUGE success, on every level. The web site looks great. Thanks Dave, and Dave for putting this together.

    I will be there in spirit, a few of the knives made the trip to the Metro DC Food & Cooking Show as well as a couple of pieces from Lisa as well!!

    On the short list of knives from HHH.
    The "Out of this world" Galaxy pattern gyuto.
    The "Tsunami Suji" With hippo ivory handle from Son and wood from Mark.
    And last buy not least One of the Scottish Dubhs with musk ox horn handles.

    Inspired by God, Forged by Fire, Tempered by Water, Grounded by Earth, Guided by the spirit.. Randy Haas

    Availible Knives

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    I'm in the DC area, and am in the market for a Suji - any pics of that "Tsunami Suji"? Any other suji's that will likely make an appearance?

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    The boards are finished and packed into their containers and all the containers are in the van along with table and all the things I will need. (Oh my aching back! I'm happy we will have union people there to unload and reload.) For all practical purposes I am ready to go but not until tomorrow morning about 6 am.

    One thing I need to do is acknowledge David (WildBoar) for all his efforts to bring this event together for all of us. He worked a ton to make it possible and I want him to know here on the forum how much I appreciate his efforts. Even if I bring everything back I will still count this as a success due to his efforts. Thanks! See you tomorrow!

    BTW 66 boards and 14 lazy susans. A very full van.

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    Good luck, David!

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    wyoming, closer to nowhere than somewhere.
    wow hope I can see some pics of the table, should look good.
    Gratz both on getting this together.
    Chewie's the man.

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    Good luck guys, hope you have a successful weekend.

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    Charlotte, NC AKA The Queen City! The lint-filled belly button of the south.
    Good luck everyone !!!
    "See... the problem here is that... my little brother, this morning, got his arm caught in the microwave, and uh... my grandmother dropped acid and she freaked out, and hijacked a school bus full of... penguins, so it's kind of a family crisis... so come back later? Great."
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    Sounds great, have a great time everyone! David, I hope you wno't need help carrying the few unsold pieces home


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    got to thank Dave and David for doing all of this and also my Kelly as i have been sick as a dog the last 4 days (she worked her job then drove me and knives to south DC last night )

    good luck guys and dont let anyone get hurt with any sharps

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