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Thread: Sushi attempt: Part 1.

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    I gave up trying inside out rolls... Always made a mess with no benefit. Keeping the hands and knife wet with cold water helps with the sticking. My first try I did salmon skin and cucumber, wanted to stay away from the raw fish as I hadn't found a decent supplier yet and hey I can get it for free at the super market. Looks like you did better than I did.

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    Mike - Really cool hope you continue
    last time I tried to make a musubi for a party I was laughed-at and assigned to paste the nori

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    a lot better than my first attempt!

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    Really try to avoid mashing or stirring the rice. Even when emptying the rice cooker, its easy to dig it all out, but that agitates the rice too much and makes it too sticky. You do NOT want it too sticky.

    What I do is cut the sides away from the rice cooker, then turn it upside down (always burns my hands) and dump it out into a wooden or plastic tub. Then slowly add the seasoning and "cut" the sauce into the rice. I don't really like folding the rice, what I do is once the rice is evenly spread out, I fan furiously with a piece of cardboard or something until the surface is cool. Then use the paddle to scoop one section and flip it upside down until the entire batch is flipped upside down. Fan furiously until cool. Flip, fan. Flip, fan. occasionally use the "cutting" motion to ensure the rice is evenly mixed and also to break up any clumps of rice. Make sure all clumps are gone.

    To make it easier to apply rice, try using a latex glove. Just put a thin coat of oil on them and it is much easier to handle the rice.

    Also, use less rice.

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    Also its hard to tell, but it looks like the first bottle is kikkoman rice vinegar? If so, I'd try another brand of rice vinegar, I really do'nt like kikkoman rice vinegar. Its usually quite a bit cheaper than the other brands available but I find it a bit too strong. This is personal taste though, some may prefer that.

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    I will try that for sure. I am attempting this again for dinner tonight/tomorrow? I have gloves, and will try the flipping trick. I fanned it a bit, but i do not think enough. I have a small table top fan(6 inch i think) i will try that also...seems like it was a bit moist last time. I do use the kikkoman stuff, as it is what i could get locally. Thanks again to everyone for the help, i really appreciate it

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    What rice vinegar do you suggest? There are often classes at a Viking cooking school and sur la table near me...I will break down one day and tak one if I could find a good place to buy sushi grade fish. Any suggestions on that from anyone? I am in the western Philly burbs...sorry to hijack mike

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    Hey, no problem I get to learn from this also I am curious also. I am limited to what i can get around here unless i drive 45 minutes away, not that big of a deal, except i work a very odd second/third shift and have the kids with me all day lol.

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    I just made sushi for the first time as well Mike, what a blast! I used a little too much rice as well in my rolls....still tasted pretty good. I'm going to try shrimp tempura rolls w/ dynamite sauce next, what are you going to try?

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    There is a right and wrong way that short grain rice is sticky (I assume that you're using short grain? If you're not, you're using the wrong type of rice).

    Some short grains will say that they are "washless"... this is nonsense. In processing and transportation the rice will invariably throw off particulates, that will cook more quickly than the rest of the rice and result in a sticky mess.

    You MUST wash your rice. Usually at least 5 times, or until the water runs clear. To do this, put rice in a deep bowl. Add water. Agitate. Pour out the water.

    You'll find that your rice will have the right stickiness, assuming that you also follow the cooking instructions (1.5 c water for each 1 c rice).

    The rice vinegar mixture you put over the rice will give it a little bit of shine, and reduce the stickiness again, giving you a lightly sticky rice mixture which you can then shape.

    The best way to keep the rice from sticking to your hands is to wear latex or nitrile gloves, and keep them slightly wet. You'll find that you have good results with this method.

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