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Thread: New gyuto

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    Very nice lookin' knife

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    Mike, That looks amazing! Great work my friend!

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    Wow!!! Awesome work, Mike!

    Take a look around at:

    Email me at:

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    Nice!!!! Really good looking cocobolo has gotten hard to find. I think that a lot of folks don't like it because all they ever see is the straight grained stuff, much the same as with some of the hard to get rosewoods. By the way, the knifemaker hands look okay. Good skin to scar tissue ratio.

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    Nice whats the price? Comparable to Bob Kramer I suspect.

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    Very nice looking knife Mike.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Davis View Post
    I have learned a bit more since i made the last gyuto (Mark Farley's) this is officially my second....Hoping they keep improving, and that the new owner enjoys it
    I use my Gyuto all the time and it is a really good cutting knife.
    I think you are one of the few who learns quickly and gets things right from the start..
    Me, I figure out all the wrong ways to do something first, then I go on to doing things the right way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mucho Bocho View Post
    Nice whats the price? Comparable to Bob Kramer I suspect.
    Na Bob just had a Auction last night-today. The petty and 9 or 10 inch (can't remember correctly) chefs knife went for 32k.

    They looked sweet too. And now back to the regularly scheduled thread.

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    Mike's work blows Kramer away !!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by welshstar View Post
    Mike's work blows Kramer away !!!
    Hell Yeah!
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    Thanks for the good words guys. Sorry i have been out of contact, i have been working my tail off and my whole family has been pretty sick this whole week. I am out in the shop today, trying to finish up a few more, and i will hopefully have some pictures of new ones up later tonight Thanks for looking

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