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Thread: Fujiwara?

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    Wondering if you ever got around to measurements on these knives. You got them and I can't seem to recall really hearing much about them. They look so awesome. I'm searching for a really good line, hoss type knife. These have the appearance to fit the bill.

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    Sadly i'm behind on the measurements... any one in particular you want to know? I can do that one first.

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    I've been looking at the 210mm gyuto. The 240 would be cool, too.

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    cool... i'll try to get those done this evening (and any others i can get to while i have time)

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    Sorry it took me a little extra time, but the measurements for all of the Fujiwara knives are up now... you can see them all here:

    Let me know if you have any questions about them

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    Cool. Thanks, Jon!

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    Yeah can I borrow one for a little while?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mattias504 View Post
    Yeah can I borrow one for a little while?
    If by borrow, you mean you want to buy one, then yes

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