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Thread: Asai 240 mm gyuto SG2 in stainless damascus

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    Quote Originally Posted by bkdc View Post
    Seriously. I think it's a hybrid between a deba and a gyuto. It's a gyoba. Well, maybe the retailer who sold it to me will allow an exchange.
    wow, yeah, i would ask about an exchange. you could probably stop a .44 magnum with it, though, so maybe keep it around if you live in a high crime neighborhood.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tk59 View Post
    No kidding. That thing needs to go on a serious diet.

    I'm not sure if anyone read the for sale ad when I posted it but this gyuto was the absolute thinnest out of 5 available at the Epicurean Edge. The rest of them, while still beautiful, were way too thick for me. If anyone decides to purchase one of these and is looking for a thinner one I would recommend getting specs with pics of the knife before hand if you are unable to see it in person. Asai is a great knife maker. Having said that his knives differ greatly. From what I saw they all have immaculate fit and finish, I am referring to the thickness more than anything. Some people like em fat ><

    FWIW; Dan(owner of EE) said they all used to be thin like this one but the past ones happened to be thicker.

    Bernal Cutlery also carries these. I just moved to San Francisco but haven't had a chance to look at them in person. Sooner or later I will be purchasing some knives from them.
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