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Thread: what's your most used knife ?

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    thanks to Darkhoek for the beautiful handle


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    Quote Originally Posted by spaceconvoy View Post
    Usually it's whatever knife I bought last
    lol... +1 or whatever i am currently testing

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    Yes its the artisan. I bought it b/c it was messed up and so I wasn't worried about someone walking with it. It took me a long tome to get it right, but I feel like its between a gyuto and a suji now.

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    Custom spec Shigefusa 240mm gyuto for me

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    Quote Originally Posted by EdipisReks View Post
    mizuno hontanren 270.
    Ditto. Loved my Hiro AS, but when I got the CCK the Hiro started to stay in the drawer a lot... Got the Mizuno and the Hiro doesn't see the light of day anymore and the CCK has a serious case of jealousy.

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    It is a dead tie between my 300 Konosuke white#2 sujihiki & 210 Suisin Inox Honyaki petty...yet recently I've been using the Takeda kiritsuke for fun and really enjoying it again.

    But I'm sure all this will change when my new Kono HD suji shows up

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    270mm Ichimonji TKC gyuto with a nenox choi regrind and a custom ironwood handle contoured shaped like the Hattori FH forum knife.

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    I'm currently outgrowing my Tojiro DP. It's a 210mm, which was more than adequate for sushi, but I have a new job and it's not perfection--making me want several different knives. Hopefully I won't be in food long enough for it to matter!

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    Sounds interesting, I would love to see what the artisan looks like these days.

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    My most used... overall, toss-up between my Takeda 270 gyuto & Takeda nakiri; next in line these past few weeks in particular would be a Tanaka 165 deba and a Masahiro 330 yanagi.

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