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Thread: Regional Subforums

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    Regional Subforums

    I would like to suggest that we have a subforum covering different areas within the US, Canada, etc.

    I think this would help promote members getting together IRL to talk about knives, sharpening, and cooking.

    If the mods and admins agree that they would be willing to do this, I would be happy to put in suggestions for how the forums would be structured, help moderate, (I have been a mod before), and or help in any capacity requested.


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    I passed this along to the mod team.

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    wyoming, closer to nowhere than somewhere.
    not a bad idea.

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    The team is always happy to get any thoughts or suggestions on helping to keep the KKF running well or make any improvements to it. As a practice the team would like content to drive fora formation. Currently we have a Get togethers, Tastings, Knife shows, Restaurant openings and Hammer-ins forum that is very lightly used. If you have an idea for a local get together, please feel free to post that. Another way to jump start a local gathering is start a city or regional thread in that forum.

    Thanks again for your support and ideas!

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    Yeah, I did that and have gotten responses. I also just searched the community for members with locations of "texas" and "tx". Nothin to it!

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