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Thread: Experiment - Making Buckeye Black and Blue.....I hope

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    I like it!! It looks like the batch you didn't do anything with other put it in the bag.

    Chewie's the man.

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    1 year later is almost a year later so I dug out a big chunk of the Buckeye that I had set aside to let it do it's own thing naturally.
    When we pressure washed the outside to remove any pockets of dirt and stuff, the exterior was almost all blonde. Hardly any color.

    With the bandsaw I split the chunk in half to see what was inside.
    There was a lot of really good blue coloring.

    Now I cut it into slabs.

    Lots of blonde and blue contrasting colors. I am happy.

    Tomorrow I will cut the slabs into blocks and finish up drying the wood. After that they will be off to K&G for stabilizing.

    What did I learn from this?
    Don't rush things and let things happen the way they are supposed to happen.

    I had forgotten all about this piece until a couple knife makers stopped by the other day and asked how the experiment was going.

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