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Thread: Mamma mia!

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    I've used about 3 deba in my life professionally, and I can say I have chipped every one of them just from using it on fish, its intended purpose. They all chipped in the beginning, and each sharpening session I kept raising the angle until it stops chipping, simple as that. I know it's not common sense that a knife should be purposely chipped and beaten up until the user can find its "sweetspot" angle where the blade no longer chips, but that's just the way it's done.

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    I have always thought that it is easer to raise angle then thin it out

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    Also here is the video how to attach and remove handle



    haha very old video but i still du it same way just with better hammer and wooden stick

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    Quote Originally Posted by chuck239 View Post
    I am sorry that you don't like someone said something not perfect about a knife sold by your friend. I do like the knife minus a few things. All I am saying is the initial OUT OF THE BOX edge was fragile and chipped very easily.
    The knife was sold by a seller to me. When he became[or if] a friend is a different story but I can assure you when it comes to money I wouldnt like to get a crap product for this price, nor I expected more.

    Essentially we are saying same thing apart from I chipped the factory edge on oxtails. Then to one chip came two other in same spot. All is in the review.
    But before I start to pick on the maker or his edge I understand he have million times more experience than me, so if his edge chips, that means its my technique that is a problem here.
    Never tried a shig on any bone just because those knives serve another purpose for me, just like I would change cutting board for the purpose.

    Quote Originally Posted by chuck239 View Post
    I never said I was "bashing chicken bones", so please don't pass judgement (I have not made comments on some of your posts).
    You are more than welcome to do so, Ill take it on my chest, so to speak. We talk in this subject about bone cutting activities.
    I did on oxtails, but for me chicken is more tricky. Cause on small bones if you twist the knife while the edge sits in the bone. But thats just me.

    Oh and BTW never chipped deba - not mentioning the broken tip, and I use it a lot and literally chop bones with it.

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