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Thread: Suisin INOX Honyaki or Konosuke HD

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    @miles The suisin is just a bit harder than the HD... but that just tells a small part of the story. With regards to the specifics of the HT, i'm not sure thats something i can talk about... sorry. As far as a comparison to the gesshin ginga, this has been my experience...
    Suisin has better edge retention and toughness than HD and Gesshin Ginga
    Gesshin Ginga has better edge retention and toughness than HD (but not suisin), but also sharpens more easily and takes a finer edge than the Suisin (but not the HD)
    The HD is easier to sharpen than both and takes a very slightly better edge, but looses out in toughness and edge retention

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    Wasn't looking for you to spill any trade secrets, Jon. Wouldn't expect it and wouldn't ask. LOL I guess my question was more of a general one about different stages in the heat treat process. No worries.
    Sounds like the Gingas are a really good line. In your experience, do you have any inside tips on how to coax the best performance out of the Gingas?

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    don't let anyone touch them, that's my secret

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    Hey Jon,

    How does the Suisin IH compare against current stainless/semi-stainless gyutos? Do you still rate it highly in its price bracket?


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