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Thread: 240 DT ITK gyuto $300

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    Quote Originally Posted by chefwatson View Post
    Oh believe me, I know I am!

    I have a DT 150mm petty in 52100 and it is just simply amazing! I use it to break down the half hogs we get at work and it outperforms the hankotsu and the honesuki I have. I just love the butterscotch ferrule and the brushed wenge handle as well.

    Just can't wait to get this after Hoss is done refurbing her.
    Congrats. You might want to have Kyle send this one directly to Hoss to save time and shipping costs.

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    Great suggestion, Andrew.

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    Hehe that was already discussed between Kyle, Hoss and I. Done and done! This was above and beyond with Hoss, and I thank him so much for his generosity!

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    Awfully cool of Devin.

    Congrats on the quick sale and enjoy that knife Chef!

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