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Thread: Another reason why . . .

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    Another reason why . . .

    average people never learn about better knives.

    "Don't you know who he is?"

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    Oh well.

    I remember surprising a Cutco guy (friend's spouse's sibling) back when I was just using my old Henckels and just started sharpening. "I've never seen anyone make such thin slices off a tomato before!"

    Some people will be satisfied with anything that's knife-shaped and they'll be fine with this recommendation. Others will look for better and this guy's advice will be costing them more money in the end.

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    All hail production line folders that are "razor sharp". I wouldn't shave with one of those even if I was paid ten grand.

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    The worst part of this is that he has been at some of the best farmer's markets in SoCal spewing his ignorance.
    "Don't you know who he is?"

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    He's doing harm in terms of educating (mis-educating?) folks all around town, sure. However, in this case it's out of ignorance without mixing in self-interest. That isn't always the case.

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    I am so very very incredibly sad after reading this. A Cutco? Really? Especially when the question is, what's the right knife brand for the average user. Ugh. Beyond being pretty crappy, they're also just dang expensive. How is this the right knife for the average user?

    "Well, the way I recommend all average outdoors-men start a campfire is by forgoing the kindling and all that stuff, and just bringing with them crisp stacks of 1 and 5 dollar bills to light."

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    I kind of want to get a cutco now just to try it out. As much as I love to complain about them, I've never used one!

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    The rep that came by our sushi bar trying to sell them to us(totally serious) showed us some pretty hefty pricetags.

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    I keep wanting to stop in at Rhino Knives in Santa Monica to listen to a similar of BS!

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