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Thread: culinary school?

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    Question culinary school?

    i know this forum really isn't the place for this but with this many professionals in one place i figure this be the place to ask

    have any of you gone to culinary school and if you have where and what would you recommend

    and number 2 do you think its worth it to attend school

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    There are a couple of threads about this here somewhere......
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    don't do it. buy the last issue of lucky peach magazine(#3) for a really good explanation. IMHO it's not good to go into massive debt to make peanuts the first 5 years after school.

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    yea I've taken classes and I've been in the field for two years and I've learned more in the field then class

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    I never went into debt or even paid a cent to go to culinary and now baking and pastry. If you find a good community college like the one here CPCC you can get paid to go to school. Through pell grants and the lottery funding I actually get paid around $1k a semester to go to school. I would never go to a high end school though.

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    Culinary school isnt all it's cracked up to be. I don't like telling people not to go to school because there are things you can learn that in school that alot of restaurants wouldn't think to take the time to teach you. I went to culinary school and ended up dropping out because i was lucky enough to get into a fine dining restaurant where the chef was all about teaching. At the end of the day IMHO it depends on how you learn best if you need the structure of a class room then go to school but if your able to learn on the fly and push your self then school will only delay your career.

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    Don't go. Work.

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    I can't tell someone not to go to school. I think post-secondary education is critical in a person's life regardless of what form that may take. I went to North Georgia Technical College a fraction of the cost of CIA, FCI, Art Instit. etc. And I might have a fraction of the education too, at least the fancy stuff. I got a good education on basics I think. It was a positive experience FOR ME. If anything, in the the end it was worth it for the networking and contacts made. YMMV.


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    I say work. Having known many that went and I had to train them how to work on the line. But what Bkelly said also makes sense too.

    What you don't know from work you can read in a book, or watch a vid. on the subject. Most people that graduate from a school still end up being a dishwasher when they first start. Most are even resentful because they have paid for it. There is only 2 schools I know of that when you graduate you get a chef job. Even then you have done some kind of apprenteship program at the same time.

    You also can take classes as you work to fill in what you aren't learning from you job.

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    If you're going to go a school, go to a Junior College Culinary Arts program. Otherwise, work.

    I'm not someone who's done it, but my friend is the director of the Hospitality Program at a junior college, who used to work at one of the for profit schools (that is now getting sued for fraud, false misrepresentation for falsely representing the wages that graduates could get after they got their degrees). He doesn't even recommend those schools. Too much money out of pocket for an "education" that is going to get you an $8 to $15 an hour job. The numbers don't work.
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