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Thread: Marko Tsourkan Designs 240 mm Wa Gyuto 52100

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pabloz View Post
    Kramer who...MARKO! MARKO! MARKO!

    I am sure Marko is aspiring to make a knife as good as Bob Kramer,a very high goal to achieve and I hope he makes that goal.Great review Harold!! Very well written and good pics

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    Quote Originally Posted by RRLOVER View Post make a knife as good as Bob Kramer,a very high goal to achieve...

    Reaching level of makes like Bob Kramer, Devin Thomas and others takes years and years, so let's not simplify things and take away from their achievements.

    However, I definitely look to these makers for inspiration and ideas.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnny.B.Good View Post
    The stock market hasn't treated me too well over the last few years...perhaps I should retreat and put my money in Marko gyutos.
    Yep. It seems like the Stock removal market is a lot more stable.


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    Well done, the pics, review and the knife in particular. I may have missed it, but what is the blade height at the heel? It appears to be less than, or right around, 50 mm if my visual acuity is on target. Just curious. Love the profile.
    Tom Gray, Seagrove, NC

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    very beautiful knife!

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    You really need to go to Marko's sub-forum to check out his latest work.
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