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Thread: Tape on blades

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    I haven't had issues with any color of painters' tape. I have had to work a little more to get other adhesive residues off but no reactions to speak of, so far. I wonder if some of this is due to water, etc getting trapped under there from fingers or even just the weather.

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    I have never had any problem with blue masking tape. i have been known to use duct tape when I am doing handle work, but that can be messy. WD 40 cures all gummy tape related ills, by the way.

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    I have had issues with tape on freshly etched dammy and 52100 when the tape got wet(da!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by kalaeb View Post
    I know a lot of you guys tape your blades while working on them for handles or polishing spines etc... Is there any tape that reacts adversely with carbon steel? Specifically, if I use a blue painters tape and leave it on a blade for a week while I work on it, am I going to regret it when I take the tape off?
    One of my Watanabe knives developed light rust from being left in a blue painter tape (3M) for a couple of days. My guess is some cladding are more reactive than others.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Martell View Post
    I use blue tape too and haven't had any problems but I know as soon as I typed that out I'm in for a surprise.
    yep, just don't leave the tape in place for long and you'll be fine.

    I wrap with paper and then tape. which is nice because it slides on and off so it's really just a temporary saya

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    Thanks a bunch!

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