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Thread: USPS anyone have exp. with claims

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    Too bad your place doesn't have a package drop-off box like a lot of places do. I'm glad everything worked out though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shinob1 View Post
    So the Griswold skillet I ordered is lost somewhere. It shows delivered and it isn't in my hands. It is insured, but I have never delt with a claim. Does anyone have experience with claims?
    USPS is horrible. Korin stopped using their services because stuff kept getting lost.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shinob1 View Post
    Yeah all in all I came out even.
    Except for the time you were forced to waste.

    And your pain and suffering.

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    The funny thing about this, I have more problems with fed-ex, and ups. Both have been late, and damaged packages, and even lost on the truck. Usps has always got there sooner than the end time.

    Damn I shouldn't have opened my mouth.

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