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Thread: Woman's self defense courses?

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    I believe in "situational awareness". An ounce of prevention. The last thing you want to do is get into a physical confrontation with an attacker. However, I believe you should be equipped if it comes down to that. My daughter is also 24 and living in the University area where coeds and suburban boys get preyed on. I've taught her everything I know. I've been involved in several "self defense" genres. The most useful is being aware of your surroundings, preach prevention and how not to paint a target on your back. I have found LEOs who teach these types of classes do a very good job. They have a more practical view of things.

    I also know for a fact that young folks who live in urban areas sometimes tend to stay out late and get drunk. Easy prey. My first lesson was how to deal with that.

    I spent years in boxing as a kid. I figured I'd end up in fights at some point, but I found out that being confident and using discretion about what you do and where you go makes all the difference. The self-defense classes will give her the confidence to enjoy her life and avoid these problems altogether.

    That said, I've got two daughters, and I'd give them whatever kind of most effective weapon is legal. If it's mace, then that. If it's a gun, then that.

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    What's an LEO? Law Enforcement Officer?

    Awareness is #1. I figured the training would have more than a healthy dose of urban awareness. How not to be a victim in the first place.
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    Yes on the LEOs. There's a lot of gung ho types out there teaching who have never seen the wrong side of a real barrel or blade. (Or the results.) I don't want to seem preachy but I have only one child and as you know it's your purpose in life to protect them. The first thing I remember teaching her was to never, ever, cross the street without looking both ways. That was our mantra until about 4 years old. Then onto the next...........

    You ever see a kid flattened by a bus?

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    My baby girl is only 20 months, but I am already thinking about this.

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    In my opinion it's still the most important lesson you can teach a child. It always seemed so senseless to me.

    It's a simple rule and one of the most basic.

    How much trouble do you go through keeping your dog out of the street? Probably more.

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    My wife is a 4th degree blackbelt and R.A.D. System instructor. She grew up in a not so nice area and is nodding over my shoulder that situational awareness and avoidance are critical.

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    +1 on situational awareness and avoiding physical confrontation.

    100 years ago when I was a teenager taking a judo class, they had a Miami-Dade County cop come in a few times to teach us some self defense moves. Some real dirty, nasty tricks. His favorite line was "digging your thumbs into someone's eyes is no worse than running your fingers through warm jello." If the cops don't offer a class, they might know of an effective course in the area.

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    As a long time karate instructor that also taught women's self defense it does work for them. I also suggest getting a gun permit and good training for that as well. Man or woman makes no difference we should all have the ability to defend ourselves when and if the need arises. I have found the better prepared though the less need as nothing beats situation awareness as stated by others.

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    I'd agree with the situational awareness try to avoid confrntation etc... if at all possible - know the area she lives, try never to be alone in awkward situations etc... I'm in the UK so not really sure what the laws are in the US regarding self defence and "weapons" but as suggested mace or pepper spray etc... might be useful or even hair spray but as in any form of martial art/self defence system when the heat is on its a question of being able to use it. Most "traditional" martial arts in the West are relatively poor for self defence as many are semi contact and provide little real world training. But I guess those fighting modalities which are more useful will also involve sparing such as boxing, kick boxing, MMA and maybe Judo, Wing Chung is also a decent enough martial art for females as thats how it originated.

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    omg I read Wang Chung. And was going ?????

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