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Thread: why do i do this? bowhunting is difficult!!

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    why do i do this? bowhunting is difficult!!

    man. toughest hobby ever! my body is beat.

    i am sitting on the couch with a sore achilles. limping badly. hiking after hogs for several days has gotten me beaten down. i climbed after them saturday, and took an easy day on sunday and just mountain biked with a buddy.

    should have rested. now i am in pain, and popping Aleve. this is the best hobby ever..hard, challenging..and the rewards..should be delicious! i am heading to AZ, last week of this month hopefully if my ankle pain goes chase tiny tasty deer.

    all bowhunting. if i would just use a rifle..i would be done. hehehe.

    anyone else bowhunt?

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    I have not hunted much of anything that last few years but I used to bow hunt for deer and loved it.

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    this is a cool hobby that i will like to try, hope the pain go alway for you soon.

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    Hope you feel better soon bud. I made the choice a few years ago that I would rather duck hunt than bow and couldn't do both. Now, gun deer is the only hunting I am getting in.

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    Back in the day I did. Still have a PSE around somewhere that's not seen daylight in 10+ yrs. Now it's food plots, condo's and pick out a nice doe. Then its time for duck hunting...

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    Older and wider..

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    My brother bow hunted for years, and he was pretty good at it. About 3 years ago he went bird hunting with a few buddies and never looked back. Now all he talks about is dogs and shotguns. I dont really have a problem with this, but I sure do miss venison.....

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    Used to have a Hoyt Raptor back in 98. Haven't shot since about then as well. Always thought about picking one up again but... one too many hobbies.
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    Once took some Bowhunters from Alaska by boat Oahu to Molokai to hunt Axis Deer.There are some local bowhunters again mostly Axis Deer.

    I imagine for you hiking into the rough stalking prey with a bow is not easy but can be rewarding.Kind of like spearfishing except on terra firma instead of ocean.

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