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Thread: A Collaboration

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    Thanks everybody

    Got to ask a rhetorical question, what is a nice set without a great knife?

    Devin put a lot of work into this knife and it shows.


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    So cool, is all I can say.

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    Very clean - you both get

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    I like this more than oivind's blingy musk ox affair(which I also really like). I like the elegance of this one, but I wouldn't be afraid to work it pretty hard.

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    I love both you guys work

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    Haha, on the top picture the saya actually looks smaller than the blade. That is just unreal! Very nice work!


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    An obvious statement, but gorgeous!

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    A true collaboration. Blade from DT, wood from Mark at burlsource, and obviously handle by Marko. Working with all three individuals was fantastic, couldn't have asked for better customer service from any of them. Thanks guys! Can't wait to get this beauty in the mail.

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    Got this in the mail and all I can say is WOW. The finishing work done by Marko is amazing. The Saya is absolutely gorgeous only to be outdone by the classic look of the handle. Marko has a way to bring the most out of the wood he works with. This redwood has more figure and depth than the pictures can capture. The weight of the knife is perfect for what I like as well.

    Now on to the blade. This thing simply glides through the potatoes and celery I tested it on. The steel seems to be of incredible quality as it took a super sharp edge with ease. The blade itself is stunning. I have never seen a blade with better finishing than this DT. The spine in rounded and is incredibly comfortable to grip. I think I just got my perfect knife.

    Thank you Marko and Devin. Absolutely amazing work by both of you!

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