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Thread: A Collaboration

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    Thanks b., glad you are enjoying your new knife.

    Love and respect


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    You did a great job with the handle and saya.
    I like the way you oriented the pattern in the saya wood with the handle.
    Finish looks great. Especially since the handle was stabilized and the saya wood natural and they were from different pieces of redwood.
    Great job making everything go together. All in all, a very impressive package.

    Devin, Great blade.
    Looks like Marko did it justice.

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    Well, with all good ingredients, it is hard to mess up a soup.

    The knife was great and wood was exceptional, so it wasn't difficult to become motivated, and to look forward to a finished product.

    Carving redwood can be a challenge, because the grain direction is all over the place. So I chose a best figure even it meant carving against the grain - redwood chips very easily, so sharp chisels are a must.


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