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Thread: Day off tuna.

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    Can't wait for the Tuna runs on the West Coast. I wish our pelagic season got going this early...Maybe June for the Albacore

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    Nice post. I'll bet that tuna was awesome. Everything tastes better the more you have to do with it.

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    Very cool. Thanks for sharing.

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    Beautiful fish. Among my favorite fishing memories was eating ceviche of wahoo and grouper I caught in Mexico, with the fish all of an hour or two out of the water.

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    How much did you eat on the boat?

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    Lol I wanted to, but the sun was setting and we had a 17 mile ride back to the boat ramp and had to get moving. Next time =)

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    Man, a 17 mile run??? I wish we had that here; we go 70-120 miles offshore I tried some BFT on the boat after we caught it, but it wasn't that great, just kinda mushy w/o any flavor. I was disappointed. It may have needed to have been chilled more? It wasn't fully frozen or chilled fully really.

    I haven't tried Wahoo yet, but I hear it is excellent!!! They get all lit up, too!!

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    Congrats on the Blackfin. That was a nice one! I too think they are better if they chill for a while....

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    Nice post!
    These are the moments that makes life worth living

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