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Thread: DT 200 Bubblewrap + HA Musk Ox wa / Mammoth Jaw Ferrule

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    WOW What can top that.

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    That knife is amazing Oivind! From Devin's work on the damascus blade to the awe inspiring handle by Harold. You've made a lot of knife knuts very jealous.

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    Ka pow!

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    Thanks all.
    I will be back with a review and answer about balance point. However this is not my work at all, Im just lucky to own it. The honor should be put on Devin and Harald. They have both preformed really great. My GF thinks the blade is to long, so it seems that I need one smaller.

    Anyway, I will be back with more info as I try it out. Ive spoken with Harald about sharpening, so we gonna spend a day finding the best stones for this. Stropping this was not optimal like 52100, so we will return on sharpening this one soon. Anyway Im very very pleased.

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    Micro review:

    The balance point is just where the ferrule starts, and the handle feels great. I cut some potatoes and the damscus pattern really came alive when doing potatoes. Due to the damscus the wiping of the knife with the towel got more resistance than my other knives, not a problem but don't run as smooth. The food release is very good, need some more testing to tell for sure. However Devin really know what he is doing. But cleaning with mild soap water makes the damscus not look that great, it was awesome how it come alive during the potatoes.

    The more important with the micro test: how did the handle feel?
    1. Does horn handle smell?
    After sniffing it, I can for sure say NO. Horn handles does not smell, I even licked it without any funny taste in my mouth.

    2. Does it stain more easily? Have no Clue, not yet...

    3. The most important: How is the grip?
    First off, I feels colder than wood. But I read this about horn handles:

    "The texture of many of these materials helps improve grip strength. Many horns, bones, and ivories become sticky when wet, thus improving grip security when working. The texture adds visual interest and contrast to a smooth and polished blade. The texture of a fine organic material makes a transition between the cold, inorganic steel blade to the living, warm, moving hand. The polished texture of ivory has a smooth comfortable feel, jigged bone is attractive and secure in the hand."

    So I did some testing, and yes when wet it gets more sticky. I tried a lot of different handles of wood to compare, but the musk really got a lot more sticky than the rest. Horn gives a really solid grip.

    Done some rocking and push cutting today: Devin is possible the best maker in the world. Nuff said... PICS!!!



    I only have my iPhone, so I need to get a new camera and post some action shots.

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    much more awesomer
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    I've got that ticklish feeling in my nethers again..... oooooohhhhhhhhh.....
    Unskilled flunky

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    Thanks for more first impressions Oivind.

    Sounds like a winner (doubly so given that your girlfriend has concluded it is too large for her, which presumably means you a) get credit for the thought/gift, and b) get to the keep the knife!).

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    Outstanding on so many levels . I think a knife like that will be admired for years to come by a lot of different people besides us knife nuts.
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    ok, I really love this knife....

    Its slightly blade heavy, but regarding the total weight is 176 grammes with handle and blade alone 100 grammes, so handle is 76 grammes. So the balance point is right where the ferrule starts. The DT profile is great for three most used motions: rocking, chopping and push cutting. The edge is not optimal yet. The AEB-L doesnt take the same insane edge as white, blue, O1, 15N20/1084. However it takes the same edge as 52100, but does not offer that edge retention. But what the h... we just put it on the stones. I need help from Darkhoek to take this to the next level regarding the edge.

    Food release is good, however I need more cutting to tell. The length is perfect. I have tried a lot of knives, but Im loosing the good feeling when it comes to longer knives. 240 and 270 is to long for me. I have however some specimens of that lengths too...
    To truly understand the knives of the japanese and how the knife is a extension of your arm, you need a knife that is perfect for you. For me this is a really good length, and I do think most home chefs would feel the same. Longer knives makes me loose that feeling.

    For delicate work this knife is awesome. I can understand chefs wanting more heavy knives, but that is more for heavy work where finesse doesn't count that much. Anyway: I love this knife.

    The damascus however is amazing, but does it give the knife any advantages regarding performance than non-damscus blades? I would say no, but still based on very little use. I think a pro chef would appreciate mono steel or sanmai more than damscus. I don't know why, but I have a feeling that damscus gives more resistance on some kind of foods where mono or sanmai just will flow through. To early to tell for sure....

    Im in love, thanks Devin and Harald: you have made something really special. Are you guys up for making a little sister, feather maybe hehe

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